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Only the finest ingredients are used to make our Royal Dansk pastries. Our crisp wafers contain a flavourful crème filling, making them a truly delectable treat.


For festive gathering or for quiet moments, our wafers are the perfect compliment to your day.


Luxury Wafers Vanilla 100gLuxury Wafers Vanilla 400gLuxury Wafers Vanilla Box 120gLuxury Wafers Vanilla Box 100gLuxury Wafers Chocolate 100gLuxury Wafers Chocolate 400gLuxury Wafers Chocolate box 120gLuxury Wafers Chocolate box 100g

Luxury Wafers Hazelnut 100gLuxury Wafers Hazelnut 350g

Luxury Wafers Cappuccino Wafers 100gLuxury Wafers Cappuccino Tin 400gLuxury Wafers Cappuccino Box 120g

Luxury Wafers Strawberry 300g

Luxury WafersChocoVaniCookiesCreme

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